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We take pride in creating trophy knives from your hunt using the bone from your harvest.

About Us

Our Mission

Every outdoor adventure is a blessing worth remembering. We take the bones from your harvested animal and put them with Damascus steel blades, creating an heirloom quality knife that can be used, displayed or given as a gift to friends and loved ones. There is no better conversation starter than a one of a kind hand crafted knife. 

Our Method

At  Bone Works we take top quality Damascus steel and combine it with the bones from your harvest; turning your prized animal and memory into a knife you can carry and use every day, a gift you can share with friends, or an heirloom you can pass along to your family. What better way to make full use of your harvest than a beautifully hand crafted knife that will last more than a lifetime?  

Our Product

Upon receiving the necessary items, our skilled artisans get to work. We tag and photograph each incoming bone to assure your knife is being constructed out of the bones of your harvest. We then prepare the bones using a combination of boiling and bathing in peroxide. Next, we begin to sand and shape the bone to properly fit with the blade and options selected by the customer. The bone is then stained and fastened to the blade. The last step is polishing and edge detail. The final product is an heirloom quality knife you can use, display, or give as a gift.

Company Info

A Family Tradition

The Boneworks family has been blessed with many opportunities to share the great outdoors with those that are dear to us. Our family owned and operated company is deeply rooted in strong faith and our love for adventure. We believe it is important to share our positive experiences and our appreciation for nature with the next generation. After all, it’s not what you can take, but the memories you leave when you go.   

A Memorial

We founded Bone Works USA on the philosophy that each successful hunt not only provides food for the hunter, but also an adventure filled with memories to share for a lifetime to come. Each animal harvested deserves to be memorialized in a way that is both respectful to the animal and the sport of hunting.  Whether it’s a child’s first doe, a last hunt with your father, or the safari adventure of a lifetime, we provide you the opportunity to own and cherish a unique piece of memorabilia to immortalize your experience. Each knife is hand-crafted from the bones of your harvest. Just as the memories of your hunt can never be duplicated, no one else on earth will have a knife like the one we hand craft especially for you.   

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